155 - thousand reasons not to.

Today I was wondering if everyone goes through a phase of confusion about everything at some point in their lives. The answer is probably yes. At this moment, I feel like I have thousand things to say and thousand reasons not to.  I am quite happy right now, but feeling a little bit insecure sometimes. I have just took the decision to go with the flow and let things happen without controlling them.

Anyway, September has been so quick, chaotic and fun. Didn't have a second to think and that was good. Here you have some snaps from last weekend that was completely mad. However, this one was much more relaxed and tranquil. I was truly needing it. Bye bye!

credits: pictures edited by me.

154 - weekend fun.

Last two weeks have been absolutely madness. Good fun though. Working non-stop at the school and getting everything ready, meetings and more meetings... pretty intense, but rewarding!

Now, let's talk about weekend entertainment. This past Thursday, I went to VFNO with a bunch of pretty ladies, it was a little bit disappointing and we ended up eating pizza and drinking beers (which is good too). On Friday, I had a little bday celebration of one of my besties, so we just prepared a kind of romantic dinner and went out for beers. On Saturday, I went to Madrid city centre for a quick tapas tour and then I assisted to Dcode festival and enjoyed some concerts (Foals, Crystal Fighters and The Vaccines among others) and on Sunday... well, Sunday was quite fun too. 

Anyway, see that picture on the left bottom? That was me at the star of the week. I was absolutely knackered!

Snapshots from my phone!

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

153 - algarve go pro video.

Go pro video from my trip to Algarve, hope you like it ; )

credits: video filmed and edited by me. 

151 - algarve; carrapateira 1.

We spent out day in Carrapateira which was one of the beaches that every local and surfer was recommending us.  The place was pretty impressive and breathtaking, never seen a beach like that one. You couldn't swim though, but the views were amazing.

It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Algarve. Hope to come back one day, but next time, I will try surfing : )

Two more post with photos of Portugal are coming. C-ya until then.

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

150 - algarve; ponta da piedade 2.

Last pictures from Ponta da Piedade. I just have one place left to show you and then I will share the go pro video.

Maria is such a good photographer and as I'm used to take all my travelling photos by myself, it feels quite right when someone does that for me and the result is so lovely : )

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

149 - algarve; ponta da piedade 1.

Some pictures from Ponta da Piedade!

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

148 - algarve; carvoeiro.


During our next day we travelled from Albufeira to Lagos. On our way, we stopped in Carvoeiro beach, and later on, we went to Ponta da Piedade (but I will show you pictures from this place in my next entry). These two places were quite beautiful, we started exploring the cliffs and little beaches around.

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

147 - algarve; arrife.

We said goodbye to Faro to stop in our next town, Albufeira. We spent there one day which was enough to see how crowded it was... the atmosphere was terrible, everything full of tourist, bad food and too noisy for my ears. So, next day we decided to visit Arrife and Sao Rafael beaches to escape from people. I already showed you some pictures from Sao Rafael in the previous entry, so here you have some from Arrifes. These two beaches were absolutely beautiful and we sure had fun!

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

146 - algarve; faro.

Hey! I've just found a minute to start writing a little summary of my trip to Algarve (as I didn't write any trip journal while I was there).

When we started to plan our trip we wanted to make sure that we were going to have the chance to visit different towns of Algarve. So, we ended up looking for the three biggest villages there and booking two nights in each one of them.

Our adventure started in Faro, which is a super quiet district of Algarve and its capital. We were there for one and a half days. We took a little boat that transported us to Ilha do Farol where we spent most of our time, we also walked around the town and ate tasty seafood.

Not my favourite place of Algarve but still interesting to visit. Less crowded than other places and less tourists which is good. It was nice to talk to locals!

credits: pictures taken and edited by maria.

First three pictures are from Faro (including the one above),  two last ones are from Praia do Sao Rafael (in Albufeira), but more about that later ; )