131 - alhambra.

Last pictures from Granada! Here you have the view of the wonderful Alhambra, such a pity I couldn't enter. 

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

129 - albayzin.

We didn't spend much time visiting places, we focused on taking it easy and having fun. But, we went for a walk one of the afternoons to see the most beautiful places. Here you have some photos of the Albayzin. 

Nothing much to add. I'm finding it particularly hard to study this week, my mind is completely away. I really need to wake up and start working harder than ever because there is just one month left. Anyway... c-ya!

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

128 - granada.

heeeey! I'm back from my weekend getaway. I had such a wonderful time there. I went to the beach, enjoyed the good weather, laughed non-stop with the girls and had some drinks. I didn't take too many pictures and the ones I took are not very good anyway (something went wrong with the focus).

credits: pics taken and edited by me.