124 - snowboarding in madrid go pro video.

Quick quick break of studying to share this video with you. I went a couple of times up the mountain in Madrid and this is the result. I'm going out and sleeping at my friends' tonight so I'd better do some work before I go. Enjoy your weekend!

credits: video filmed and edited by me.

123 - japan @ day 14 and 15.

This is the end of my trip guys! Hope you had enjoy all the pictures, videos and experiences as much as I did. One last go pro video with the best moments of the trip!

Day 14 @ Gifu - Nagoya

We started going from Shirotori to Gifu city centre. There we visited a pottery shop where I bought some wooden tea cups, tea spoons and another teapot (it was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself), and then we went to the sushi restaurant we visited our first day in Japan. I just love that place to the moon and back. Quick, cheap and delicious. Then, straight to the airport where we spent the night.

Day 15 @ Nagoya - Frankfurt - Madrid

Trip back to Madrid. An absolute nightmare. I watched the whole first season of True Detective and some Pretty Little Liars and Sex and the City episodes. The only good thing was seeing Mount Fuji from the air and the other snowy mountains. Now, back to Madrid and ready to study as hard as possible. 

credits: pictures taken and edited by me. Video taken and edited by me.

122 - japan @ day 12 and 13.

Day 12 @ Tea ceremony and relaxing

We were exhausted from Mount Fuji trip and snowboarding, besides, it was snowing a lot. So we decided to take it easy and rest. In the morning, we visited some of my friend's relatives, enjoy some chai tea and had lunch. In the afternoon, we went to a tea ceremony house and obviously had some tea there. The ceremony was pretty difficult and tricky. Te ceremony masters practice about 10 years before they get the degree. Its madness. When we finished, we helped painting one room in the house we were staying in and called our flight agency to ask them how much they would charge us to take one snowboard to Spain in the plane... And guess what!? It was for free. So, I decided to take the light small one (which seems to suit me) home. 

Day 13 @ Packing, snowboarding and onsen

We packed all our things and prepared the luggage to post it to the airport (which is incredibly easy and cheap) and then we went snowboarding for the last time. The snow was absolutely amazing, it was so soft that falling didn't hurt at all. And then, we finished the day in an Onsen.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

121 - japan @ day 11.

Snowboarding snapshots

Day 11 @ Snowboarding at Dynaland  & Snow Park  and Kabuki theatre & Onsen

We were all confused in the morning about what to do. But, while we were having breakfast, we saw how beautiful the day was and we quickly made up our minds. Up the mountain again to snowboard, yay! This time we went to two different mountains (and once again we got free lift passes for both of them!). The runs were so good and the snow was soft and very nice. We had so much fun. We left at night time and went to an old Onsen which had a theatre to see a Kabuki show. To be honest, I didn't like it. It was very bizarre and the songs weren't good at all. Anyhow, when they finished, we enjoyed the hot natural pools and sauna, and then we went straight back home.

credits: photos edited by me.

120 - tokyo gopro video.

Here it is! As the last one, this is not very good because I didn't film many videos, so I didn't have enough resources to make a proper video. 

"...And we were bound to the city life,
Flashlights when we're falling into the night..."

credits: edited by me, youtube.com

119 - japan @ day 10.

Day 10 @ From Tokyo to Gifu

During the morning, I walked around Shinjuku for a while and then I took the underground to Akihabara where I spent the whole morning. I bought a casio watch and I madly looked for a stick for my go pro (as my old one literally fell apart the day before). I was surprised because most of them didn't even know what a go pro was.  Finally, I found Yodobashi Cameras, that is a huuuuuge camera store, and bought a quite good stick. I am not a big fan of technology or manga so Akihabara wasn't my favourite place at all. At half one I took the train to Mishima again to meet my friends. Then we drove back home (it was at least 6 hours road trip, stopping in every service area, hahaha, such a nightmare). However, we drove next to the coast line and luckily for us the clouds were low covering half of the bamboo forest, so the landscape was amazing and mystic. 

Not many pictures today, but I will show you the GoPro video my Tokyo trip tomorrow!


credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

118 - japan @ day 9 part 2.

I know I take pretty bad pictures at night time, hate it. / Se que hago fotos nocturnas malísimas, lo odio.

day 9 @ spontaneous trio to Tokyo, part 2.

Next stop was Shibuya. I managed ok to travel from place to place, I just asked a lot and I always found someone who was able to speak in english to help me. Shibuya was like postcard Tokyo. Full of people and big light advertisements. The amount of shops was overwhelming. I felt kind of lost there. I think I crossed the road about 10 times before finally deciding where to go next. 

I went inside some little shops, trying to avoid the usual ones (h&m, zara, blablabla). There were so many new and alternative designer shops, so cool. Then, I realized that there was probably a Free People shop in Tokyo and I did a little investigation through my mobile phone. There was one in Harajuku indeed, so I walked there following my gps, while I wandered through the crowded streets. I was surprised to see many many designer shops. They were huuuge and I would even say that there were even more than in the 5th Avenue in New York. I was so happy to finally visit a Free People shop for the first time, because they are my favourites.

Then I set off to Shinjuku. I walked about 5 kilometres before arriving to the hotel where I slept. The capsule hotel was good fun. One of the funniest experiences I've ever had while travelling. It was very clean and they provided me with pyjamas, slippers, plug adaptator, towels... Inside the capsule I had tv, plugs, mirror, radio, alarm clock and wifi. The toilets had shiseido beauty products, hair dryers, teeth brushes... Everything was perfectly well thought out. I paid 25€ for everything. My floor was just for women and there were either girls like me or business woman. The only thing that surprised me was that the capsule didn't have any door, just a curtain. So, you could hear everyone moving around the floor. But to be completely honest, I was so tired that I felt deeply sleep straight away.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.