085 - enchanted forest.

Some pictures of the day I went to Pitlochry to see the enchanted forest. I didn't take them, because I didn't brought my tripod. Hope you like them though.

credits: pictures taken by Victor Hernández and edited by me.

084 - fish ladder.

The first picture is taken and edited by me, the two last ones have been taken by Victor Hernández and edited by me. I just feel so stupid if I don't use camera raw, I don't have in my computer the plug-in for canon pictures as I use nikon. Anyway, hope you like them!

credits: Victor Hernandez and me.

083 - pitlochry.

I went to see the enchanted forest in Pitlochry, so during the day I visited the town and enjoyed a walk to the fish ladder (I will put some more pictures during this week).  

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

082 - perth.

Some pictures I took in Perth. Apart from the river, the little city wasn't very special, it reminded me of Leeds [remember my leeds entries here]. Tomorrow I'll show you some more pics! C-ya guys.

Spanish translation: Algunas fotos que hice en Perth. A parte del rio, la ciudad no era demasiado especial, me recordó a Leeds [recordad mis entradas de Leed aquí]. Mañana os enseño algunas fotos más! Nos vemos.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

081 - old town.

Having people visiting is the perfect excuse to reconnect with the city. You become a tourist in your own town and you may discover new places you've never been to. Here you have some pictures of Edinburgh's old town. I need to go out to take photos more often. It is such a beautiful city...

credits: pictures edited and taken by me.

080 - drapetomania.

(n.) an overwhelming urge to run away.

I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with everything lately. I'm disappointed and stressed... Some things didn't work out the way I wanted to, and that is making me extremely sad. And now, suddenly, everything is getting too much for me. I just would like to go away from all I know. Maybe, I'm just having a red day like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's, or maybe a red month who knows. I just feel like escaping and going somewhere quiet and beautiful so I can figure everything out, if that's even possible.

Anyway, I have family staying over this weekend and today we are going up north to an enchanted forest so I hope this will cheer me up! I'm taking pictures, so stay tunned!

credits: pinterest.

079 - october.

October  ❤ .  September means the end of the summer, but October means the start of the autumn! And you know what?! I love autumn to the moon and back (winter is even better). Now everything is going to turn brown and yellow and we are going to star wearing cozy clothes! This picture is from last year in the Royal Botanic gardens, I promise I'll take new photos soon, I know I haven't take any since... I went to the Highlands probably. Some fall inspo coming soon. Stay tunned guys and take your jackets out of the wardrobe because it's chilly again !

credits: quote picture by pinterest, the other picture by me.