041 - car boot sale.

Omni Centre Car Boot Sale

Last Sunday I went to Car Boot Sale in Edinburgh.

"The Omni Car Boot Sale is held in the Omni car park on Leith Street in Edinburgh’s New Town. The indoor boot sale is a great place to pick up a bargain and with so many sellers you are sure to find yourself a great deal.There is also the added bonus that it is held indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the Scottish weather. It is held every Sunday from 9am-1pm on level -4 of the car park." 
- source: only in edinburgh.

You can find some nice vintage things, but it is not my favorite market. I went there because I wanted to find a nice second hand ukelele. And as you can see in the first picture I found it. It was lovely, beautiful and it also makes a good sound, so I decided to buy it. Here you have some more pictures! Bye!

credits: images taken and edited by me.

040 - national museum of scotland.

The National Museum of Scotland is probably one of my fav places in Edinburgh.

I think it must be because of the grand gallery. It is such a beautiful building. In fact, that is where I do my volunteering here in Scotland. We prepare there activities for the children and their families related to the special exhibitions of the Museum. Art, children and a beautiful place, what else could I ask for?

Btw, you can see that I'm taking layering really seriously, hahaha. it freeeezing here.

credits: images taken by me (or a friend of mine with my camera) and also edited by me.

039 - the original clarindas tea room.

A week ago I visited The Original Clarindas tea room in Edinburgh. It is such an original place I couldn't resist to enter and have a hot and tasty cup of tea. I had my camera with me, so I took some pictures. You can find it in the Royal Mile, it is very close to the Scottish Parliament.

credits: images by me.

038 - santa run.

Hi there! These are some pictures of The Santa Run. I took them in December and I wanted to put them here because I think they are funny. The quality is not really good though. I'm just feeling a little stressed out lately but fortunately that will change sooner rather than later. That's all for now folks! Hope you are having a good week, byee!

credits: images by me.

037 - christmas in edinburgh.

Omg! I completely suck at night photography. I don't like the results at all, but I wanted to show you how beautiful is Edinburgh at Christmas time, so just tried to make the photos smaller because I didn't want you to see all the defects. As an excuse, I am going to say that the tripod was broken, so it was really difficult for me to take proper pictures. You can see better night pictures made by me [here], they are from last year in Madrid during Christmas time too. Soon I will post the last Christmas pictures I took at the Santa run! See you then! Byeee!
credits: images made by me.