034 - winter is coming.

Hi there!

This post is to tell you a wee bit about my life in Scotland (as you can see I'm learning new English vocabulary, hehe). I am still working with babies and toddlers. I'm not really happy about it, though. I've been thinking of getting a new job lately. So, I will probably focus my efforts on that by the moment. On the other hand, my personal life is a mess, I miss so much all my family and friends, and everything is quite complicated. So, I'm highly sensitive right now... Besides, winter is coming and at 4pm is completely dark outside and that's really depressing.

The good news is that I've been volunteering at the National Museum of Scotland during some special events at the weekends and that has been a very nice and rewarding experience!

Things could be much better in general, but I suppose they could be so much worse too... anyway: keep going no matter what. That's the philosophy!

credits: image made by me.

033 - stirling.

Hi, how are you doing?

Today just some pictures we took in Stirling last Sunday. Hope you like them! Have a nice weekend, see yaa!

Spanish translation: Hola, ¿cómo va todo? / Hoy os dejo algunas fotos que hicimos en Stirling el domingo pasado. Espero que os gusten! Pasad un buen finde, nos vemos!

credits: images taken and edited by me.

032 - glasgow.

On Saturday I went to visit Glasgow! Here you have some pictures of the Auditorium, the river clyde and me. Glasgow is a commercial city with a lot of shops and it is not as lovely as Edinburgh, hehe. The day was pretty awful, it was raining a lot and it was freezing outside, but I had a nice day anyway. Soon I will show you some Stirling pictures! C-ya : )

Spanish translation: El Sábado fui a visitar Glasgow! Aquí tenéis algunas imágenes del Auditorio, del rio Clyde y de mi. Glasgow es una ciudad comercial con muchas tiendas y no es tan bonita como Edimburgo, jeje. El tiempo fue horrible, estuvo lloviendo un montón y hacía mucho frío, pero me lo pasé bien de todas maneras. Pronto os enseñaré algunas fotos de Stirling. Nos vemos!

credits: images taken by alejandro and me, and edited by me.

031 - musselburgh.

Hi there!

This weekend has been pretty intense. I'm still freaking out with all the support and bday wishes I've received from spain. Anyway, the day of my birthday I went to Musselburgh to spend the morning and explore the place. We went for a walk in the beach and took some pictures. In the afternoon we went to the cinema to watch Gravity (which I didn't like) with my cousins! I've also been in Glasgow and Stirling this weekend but I will tell you more about that in the next entries.

See you tomorrow! xx.

Spanish translation: Hola! / Este fin de semana ha sido muy intenso. Todavía estoy alucinando con el apoyo y felicitaciones que me han llegado desde España. El día de mi cumple fui a pasar la mañana en Musselburgh y explorar un poco la zona. Dimos un paseo por la playa e hicimos unas cuantas fotos. Por la tarde fuimos con mis primos a ver Gravity al cine (que por cierto, no me gustó). También he visitado Glasgow y Stirling durante el fin de semana, pero os enseñaré todo en las próximas entradas. 

credits: images taken and edited by me.

030 - scottish autumn 4.

Some other autumn photos! I'm spending the weekend with my family (some of my cousins come to visit, yayy!). We are going to celebrate halloween. Besides, this week is going to be my bday : )

 Spanish translation: Mas imágenes otoñales! Voy a pasar el fin de semana con mi familia (algunos primos míos han venido a visitarnos, bieen!). Vamos a celebrar Halloween. Además está semana es mi cumple : )

credits: photos taken and edited by me.

029 - scottish autumn 3.

Alejandro and I spent the day in the Royal Botanic Garden. We took some awesome photos. I think the colors are completely pefect. Autumn is a beatiful season here in Scotland. I'm going to show you more pictures in the next entry. So stay tunned! xx. M

Spanish translation: Alejandro y yo pasamos el día en el Real Jardín Botánico. Hicimos unas fotos estupendas. En mi opinión los colores son perfectos. El Otoño es una estación preciosa aquí en Escocia. Os enseñaré más imágenes en la siguiente entrada. Así que, permanecer alerta! Besos : )

credits: photos taken and edited by me.