025 - my girls in scotland.

Hi! Last weekend my friends came to visit me! We had so much fun and did lots of things. I already miss them! I have tons of pictures. We took these two in Cramond. Hope you like them! As you can see the weather is still really nice, I'm enjoying the scottish autumn, we will see if I can survive the winter. Bye bye!

credits: images took and edited by me.

024 - edinburgh zoo.

Some pictures we took at the Zoo! I don't usually like zoos (I actually hate them), but I have to recognize that this one was pretty good, xx.

credits: pictures taken and edited by me.

023 - portobello.

Hi guys! You must have noticed that Portobello is one of my favorite places in Edinburgh. It is always very quiet and beautiful! We took these pictures some days ago, you can see how I enjoy the Scottish sun! I'm going to upload some more photos tomorrow (it's me free day, yay!). xx.

credits: images taken and edited by me.

022 - fringe fireworks.

Hi there! These are the pictures we took during the end-of-the-fringe-festival fireworks! We went to Inverleith park and spend the whole afternoon there. We drank some beers and berry ciders, eat some sandwiches and enjoy the awesome show! Tomorrow I start working and I can't be more nervous (and excited). I'm going to bed soon, wish me luck and have a good week!

credits: pictures took and edited by me.