016 - new york (03).

Hi there! These are the photos I took in New York with the actionsampler. They are different from the ones I took with the reflex but I also like them. Remember you can visit my lomography account to see all my lomo-pictures: lomography.es/homes/blodiplopiest


credits: all images were taken by me.

015 - new york (02).

More New York pics! Tomorrow I'm going to post the lomo-photos and with them I will finish my New York entries (at least for the moment). 

credits: all images are edited and taken by me.

014 - new york (01).

At this time last year I was in New York City, out of Europe for the first time and visiting Manhattan. Best trip I've ever been on. I took tons of pictures and I'm going to show the best of them to you during the next few days (including the ones I took with my first lomography camera, the Action Sampler).

credits: all images took and edited by me.

013 - christmas in madrid.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I always go to Madrid city centre to see the christmas trees and the lights! Everything looks perfect. Here are some photos I took last friday on my usual 'Madrid Christmas day'. Hope you like them ! See u guys!

credits: images by me.

012 - avila.

Some photos I took last week in Avila. It was a really nice and lovely weekend. C-ya!

credits: images by me.

011 - la sardina 1st pictures.

I'm gonna show you my first pictures. They are from this summer in York [more york pictures made by me with my Nikon here]. They  aren't meant to be perfect (for that I already have my reflex camera). In this pictures I used an AGFA 400 ISO film, but I think I should try using other ones. Anyway here they are:

I have much more photos and I will post them soon! You can also follow my lomo-pictures visiting my lomography account: http://www.lomography.es/homes/blodiplopiest

Bye bye!