016 - new york (03).

Hi there! These are the photos I took in New York with the actionsampler. They are different from the ones I took with the reflex but I also like them. Remember you can visit my lomography account to see all my lomo-pictures: lomography.es/homes/blodiplopiest


credits: all images were taken by me.

015 - new york (02).

More New York pics! Tomorrow I'm going to post the lomo-photos and with them I will finish my New York entries (at least for the moment). 

credits: all images are edited and taken by me.

014 - new york (01).

At this time last year I was in New York City, out of Europe for the first time and visiting Manhattan. Best trip I've ever been on. I took tons of pictures and I'm going to show the best of them to you during the next few days (including the ones I took with my first lomography camera, the Action Sampler).

credits: all images took and edited by me.

013 - christmas in madrid.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I always go to Madrid city centre to see the christmas trees and the lights! Everything looks perfect. Here are some photos I took last friday on my usual 'Madrid Christmas day'. Hope you like them ! See u guys!

credits: images by me.

012 - avila.

Some photos I took last week in Avila. It was a really nice and lovely weekend. C-ya!

credits: images by me.

011 - la sardina 1st pictures.

I'm gonna show you my first pictures. They are from this summer in York [more york pictures made by me with my Nikon here]. They  aren't meant to be perfect (for that I already have my reflex camera). In this pictures I used an AGFA 400 ISO film, but I think I should try using other ones. Anyway here they are:

I have much more photos and I will post them soon! You can also follow my lomo-pictures visiting my lomography account: http://www.lomography.es/homes/blodiplopiest

Bye bye!

010 - edinburgh.

Two pictures we took this summer in Edinburgh city centre! In the first one you can see Calton Hill and in the second one, I was chilling at princes street gardens. Edinburgh is my favourite city of UK, the most beautiful, without any doubt!

credits: images by me

009 - portobello beach.

Here are my first pics from Scotland. The first day in Edinburgh, we visited Portobello beach, we really really loveeeed that beach and the sky was perfect for taking photos! Hope you like them : )

credits: images by me

008 - newcastle upon tyne.

Two pictures I took during the two days I was in Newcastle. I didn't like the city very much. Well, the part of the river was beautiful, but the city centre it's not very special. Two days in the city were more than enough! ; )

See you !!

credits: images by me

007 - york.

After spending some days in Leeds, we decided to visit York, since it was only 45 minutes from Leeds. 

York is a beautiful walled city. There are a lot of historic attractions, such us the York Minster which is the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe and one of the largest Medieval Gothic Cathedrals in the world. 

Next stop: Newcastle ! 

credits: images by me

006 - my leeds experience.

Our journey started in Leeds and we spent two whole weeks there. Leeds is a nice and quite city. It has a lot of parks and pubs. We had a pretty good time there.

The first three days we tried to figure some things out. We looked for a cheap apartment but it wasn't easy to find a good one. And finally we found a cheap hotel in the city centre so we could stay there until the two weeks ended. It was very very cheap, clean and it was so close to the main street that it was totally worth it.

credits: image by me

005 - hello from uk.

Hi you all!

Today is my 18th day in Uk. I've been in Leeds most of the time. Four days ago, I went to visit York, and I'm in Newcastle Upon Tyne since yesterday. Tomorrow I'm going to Edinburgh and I'm going to spend a whole week there. The 19th I'm going by coach to Manchester and then I'm going to take a flight back home.

I'm having such a good time here, taking a lot of photos, discovering new cities and eating lots ; )
and that's all for now, xx.

credits: image by me (leeds city centre from my window)

004 - bcn n' leeds.

Off to Barcelona and then Leeds ! So, have a nice vacation and see you asap : )

credits: image by me

003 - take it easy.

When you are messed up and you need to get your life back in order, try to find your perfect song, turn up the music until you can't hear anything else and take it easy ; ) With everything that has been going on lately,  the perfect song for me right now is highway to hell by AC/DC!

credits: image by me / youtube

002 - madrid.

About two years ago, I was inside a moving car, and I just rolled down the window and took this picture. I actually like the result.  It's seems like I'm gonna miss Madrid after all. ; )

credits: image by me

001 - hi, there!

I got so many favourite moments and memories I can never fit them in my head. So I started 'out of the blue' where I hoard all the best awesome I can find.

credits: picture taken and edited by me.